Dude, you need Jesus! 4-19-2016

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Dude, you need Jesus!

Dude, You need Jesus!

That was the statement which caught my immediate attention as I drove my morning school bus route. Often I will only hear bits and pieces of the student’s conversations as I drive. Most of the time those conversations are filled with meaningless babble – at least to me. But every now and then a certain phrase or statement will catch me attention – this morning it did.

After hearing one of the Junior High school boys make that statement I then began to listen in on the discussion. It seemed to center around talking about other students from the school. Nothing really bad or good just general conversation. But this statement was brought about as one of the boys began speaking poorly about one of the other students. I couldn’t really hear all that was said but one of his friends called him out on his un-Christ like behavior. It was really quiet for a moment and then the conversation turned to sports and life was back to whatever is considered normal for those in Junior High.

The rest of the bus ride for me was shadowed by that simp0le phrase, “Dude, you need Jesus!” My thoughts turned to how we, as Christians, interact with one another. The Bible tells us to “confess our faults” to those around us, but not just so we can have accountability as some would teach, but so that those whom you tell can be a part in your restoration and be a constant source of strength.

Perhaps we are missing something within our relationships? Just maybe we can pause for a moment and be taught or schooled by a Junior High boy? What we are missing and what we can learn here is taking an interest in how our life can improve those around us, especially our close friends. The “Jesus” inside of us should have a positive impact on those close to us. Wow – that brings me to the children’s church song, “This Little Light of Mine.”

So I will leave you today with this one question, “Is your little light shining on those around you?” I encourage you to let is shine so brightly that you expose the works of darkness, which serve only to kill, steal and destroy, and that the Jesus light within you brings true life to others.


Serving Him by Serving You,

Joe Jackson, Jr.

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