The motto of the United States of America is, “e pluribus unum” which simply means, “out of many, one.”  That could well serve as the motto of the history of The Church at Wellington. In September 2015 two church families joined into one but the history starts many years before that. What follows is a brief picture of how our current church family has come to be.

In 1935 two ladies, filled with the Holy Spirit in Hot Springs during a revival there, came to Little Rock and decided that this city needed a Pentecostal church. At that time the Assemblies of God movement was barely 21 years old but was growing quickly, especially here in Arkansas. They came and formed a church which would be known as First Assembly of God in Little Rock. This new church grew and flourished under the leadership of several good pastors. The church moved to several locations until finally constructing their own church building, mostly with volunteer labor and financial sacrifices of the members. Those years served to build a solid foundation of mission and purpose within the members, that purpose was to reach the lost with the Gospel and disciple all who would come. In the mid 70’s the church purchased a lot just outside of the city limits, on the North East corner of what is now Chenal Parkway and Autumn Road, where they constructed a new building and grew into a strong church family. Several time through those years groups would go out from First Assembly to start churches at various places in and around Little Rock. In 1993, Rev. Joe Jackson, Jr with his family came to the church to pastor. As the city has continued to expand westward, the congregation felt compelled to follow that growth and also move further west. After a series of events which could only be interpreted as the intervention and blessing of God, the current location was located, purchased and a new place of worship was built for this newly growing church family to meet. It was at that time they also changed the name of the church to Wellington Village Assembly of God.

It is in 2015 when things once again changed for the church. Rev. Jackson met with Rev. Perry (pastor of Praise Assembly) for lunch and they began a conversation about joining the two church families together. Allow this record to jump back in time for a moment in order to follow the pathway of Praise Assembly.

Praise Assembly began as Cloverdale Assembly of God which was formed in 1960 in the southwest section of Little Rock under the leadership of Rev. Alvin Hicks. Cloverdale Assembly of God’s name was changed to Praise Assembly when the congregation moved to a different location in 1997. The church, in our 55 years, has had four pastors including the founder Rev. Alvin Hicks, Rev. Billy McCarty, Rev David Wiggins and Rev Bob Perry. The rich history of the church has witnessed a host of salvations, Holy Ghost baptisms, water baptisms and many called into ministry serving in positions both nationally and internationally. The church also sponsored a Christian school and day care.

Praise Assembly of God joined with Wellington Village Assembly of God at our current location of 715 Wellington Village Road, Little Rock, AR. On September 20, 2015, both churches officially joined together with a new name, The Church at Wellington, under the leadership of Rev. Bob Perry and Rev. Joe Jackson, Jr., and a new direction for ministry as a directive from God. The two churches have now become one. The future has never looked better and brighter as together we are Going Forward!