God Forward – Fast 2016 – Day 2

Go Forward – Fast 2016 – Day 2 – The Way of the Wilderness – Exodus 13:18a

8a So God led the people around by way of the wilderness of the Red Sea…

Okay, so the people could not go the short way to the Promised Land because of the Philistines and the threat of war so the next best pathway for them is through the wilderness. If you look on a map of their travels you should find that not only did they go through the wilderness, they went the long way through the wilderness. As a matter of fact the wilderness they will travel through is so large that it also is broken down into smaller wilderness sections one of which is named the Wilderness of Sin. Hummmm – the Wilderness of Sin. Ouch, time to fasten the seat belts, It sounds like it is going to be bumpy ride. And it was. The way of the wilderness is a difficult and dangerous path. It is not for the faint of heart nor the cowardly in spirit. The way of the wilderness will crush the weak and melt the half-hearted. This travel route was the longest and most difficult of the three main trade roads through the dessert. It included long stretches without fresh water, rocky and mountainous terrain, and very little for a natural food supply. Considering that God’s people numbered, by most estimates into the hundreds of thousands and sometimes into the millions, this was an insane pathway to take by all natural standards. It will only be by the grace and mercy of God that this rag-tag group of travelers will survive.

But what does all of this have to do with you today? Here is six applications for you to consider:

1) You are – as some here in the South would say – “fixin” to go through a wilderness.

2) You are not being pushed. Look again at the verse above, it specifically says that, “God led the people.” The lord has not thrown you out into this wilderness to die but so that you might learn to be led as never before.

3) Some of the terrain will be rough. Fasten the sandals kids! What is ahead is sure to be very difficult for you. When you are facing the really rough times please refer to item #2.

4) The Way of the Wilderness might cause you to have to face the wilderness of some of your past sins in order to clear out some of the remaining “dross” left over from your former self. Do not be afraid of the past. Allow God to lead you through the purifying process so you might be better after you prevail.

5) The wilderness does not last forever. Several times in the King James Version of the Bible it will make the statement, “it came to pass.” This wilderness experience has also come that it might pass and so that you will be better because you have traveled there.

6) God’s pathway will always leave you better!


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