Go Forward – Fast 2016 – Day 15

Day 15 – God’s Battle – Exodus 14:14

14 The Lord will fight for you, and you shall hold your peace.”


Moses then makes two statements of fact and instruction.

The first:

1) “The Lord will fight for you.” This statement echoes back to yesterday’s topic about having the courage and faith to stay calm and stand still. There are many challenges in your life which can be dealt with by the strength, talents and abilities God has already given you, but there are others challenges which have to be fought only in the realm of the Spirit. For example, we live in a time when crime is a very real part of our lives. It seems like every day the news reports another story of senseless violence against innocent people. On the natural side of this there are some things that can be done to fight against this. You can install an alarm system in your house and car, get guard dog or even hire security. All of these can help guard your house and family but they cannot instill peace in your heart – only God can do that. It only makes sense to allow Him to do what only He can do but there is always that pesky temptation to try to do it all ourselves. The application here is to let God be God in your life and that includes the areas of your life that do not seem to be spiritual.

2) “Hold your peace!” There is an entire sermon series that could be written here but instead of several pages of sermonizing we should probably just select one application. So here it is. Watch what comes out of your mouth! Part of going forward in God is carefully monitoring the words you speak. The Word says that the power of death and life is in the tongue. Can our words really weld that much power. Think just for a moment of the calming effects a mother’s voice has on the child who has scraped their knee. Or the peace that comes from the strong reassuring voice of a father as he holds his child who has been frightened by a thunderstorm. But there is also the chaos which can be incites by a speech filled with accusations and hatred.

There is also a very real power in the words which are speaking faith or fear to those close enough to hear. Satan himself used just a few simple words, carefully put together to deceive Eve and introduce sin into the world.

Through the course of this day pay careful attention to the words you speak to see if they are words that inspire faith and comfort to others or words which cause chaos and fear. May I be so bold to suggest that you quiet yourself and just let God be God today?




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