Send Me: Prayer & Fasting – Day 21 – 1-29-2017

Day 21 – Sunday 1/29 – Sermon – Break-fast at noon

Today is Miracle Sunday at The Church at Wellington. We are expecting some mighty things to take place here in the church during our time of worship together. Truth is, there have already been countless miracles done in the hearts and lives of each one of you as you have followed along during this time set aside for prayer and fasting.
During the service and in the days following there will be countless testimonies of the changes which have taken place, true miracles in our lives. These are just the start of a new life in Him.

A new journey has begun for you. A new level of clean, a new awareness of hearing Him speak, and a new commitment to respond to His call.
Be diligent and watchful to protect these mighty changes from being tainted and stolen by the enemy of your soul. Put on the whole armor of God to protect yourself and His work in you.
Take what you have learned, share it with others, and GO! Go to where you are needed. Go to where He guides you. Go to those who are in need. Go and speak His Word. Go entice others to follow Him.
Just Go!

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