What to do when you don’t know what to do. 11-3-2016

What to do when you don’t know what to do.

I remember a portion of an old poem that goes something like this;” What to do? What to do? Put some mustard in your shoe…” With our presidential election, just a few days from now there seems to be a high level of both indecision and anxiety. To that end I offer just a few simple steps for peace through the election process.

(1) Park the Panic
One of the worse things you can do is panic about this election. Look – God has this under His control! To quote a line from a children’s movie, “This is not the time to panic…I’ll tell you when to panic.”

(2) Pray
The very best option is for you to spend time in the presence of God. It both provides a great calming effect and puts you in the place where you can hear direction from the only One who knows for sure what is going on.

(3) Get Informed
My father used to occasionally say, “Are you ignoring me? One thing I can’t stand is ignorance!” I think he used a little play on words to tell me to both listen to him and to tell me to be informed. In this election, you need to be informed on the issues at hand and on the persons, you will be voting for. I heard a man talking the other day saying that it is our responsibility as citizens to vote – I don’t fully agree. It is our “privilege” as a citizen of a free country to vote but our “responsibility” is to not be ignorant and go cast our votes uninformed.

(4) Pray some more
After you have gathered all the information you can it then time to take your brain to the Lord and ask Him to help you sort through all the clutter you have accumulated.

(5) Go Vote
I really do not need to say much about this do I? Do not stay home in silent protest – go be a voice for Godliness and morality. Finally;

(6) Might be a good idea to go Pray again.
Your prayers for our country should not stop at the polls! There is a great need for God in our local, state and national governmental system. That will never be realized if God’s people will not humble themselves and seek His face on behalf of our leaders. Like them or not they are our leaders – pray for them fervently.

If you will follow these six simple steps then you can be at peace that He has everything firmly in His control.

Serving Him by Serving You,
Joe Jackson, Jr.